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Acoustic radiation characteristics of piezoelectric shells with internal and external axial stepped-thickness configurations, Al-Jumaily, A.M., Meshkinzar A., Harris P.D., and Huang L. , Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical, 2020, Volume 302, (2020)
Alignment in the MSL Kibble balance, Fung, Y.H., Clarkson M.T., and Messerli F. , CPEM Digest (Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements), 2020, Volume 2020-August, (2020)
APMP key comparison of absolute pressure from 10 kPa to 110 kPa (APMP.M.P-K9), Choi, I.-M., Woo S.-Y., Man J., Aldammad M., Sabuga W., Jin Y., Thang N.N., Wu G.-J., Sutton C., Kojima M., et al. , Metrologia, 2020, Volume 57, Issue 1, (2020)
Beat frequency measurement of the stabilized He-Ne laser 633 nm calibration in SNSU-BSN, Hapiddin, A., P. Ika Yulita, Boynawan A.M., Ratnaningsih, Agmal S., and Novyanto O. , Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2020, Volume 1528, Issue 1, (2020)
Calibration of standard radiation thermometers using two fixed points, Manoi, A., Wongnut P., Lu X., Bloembergen P., and Saunders P. , Metrologia, 2020, Volume 57, Issue 1, (2020)
Cannabinoid Decarboxylation: A Comparative Kinetic Study, Moreno, T., Dyer P., and Tallon S. , Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 2020, Volume 59, Issue 46, p.20307 - 20315, (2020)
Catalyst-free synthesis of copper oxide composites as solar radiative filters, Fang, F., Rogers J., Leveneur J., Rubanov S., Koo A., and Kennedy J. , Nanotechnology, 2020, Volume 31, Issue 50, (2020)
On the catalytic mechanism of bacteriophage endolysins: Opportunities for engineering, Love, M.J., Abeysekera G.S., Muscroft-Taylor A.C., Billington C., and Dobson R.C.J. , Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Proteins and Proteomics, 2020, Volume 1868, Issue 1, (2020)
Cementing and testing of the 4MOST WFC/ADC doublets, Jonas, G., Romeril A., Cochrane D., Bogunovic D., Jones D., Barden S.C., and Brynnel J. , Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2020, Volume 11451, (2020)
Cement-rock interaction in geothermal wells at high temperatures, Silva, J., and Milestone N.B. , Advances in Cement Research, 2020, Volume 32, Issue 6, p.273 - 287, (2020)
Characterizing Drift Behavior in Type S Thermocouples to Predict In-use Temperature Errors, Webster, E., and Saunders P. , International Journal of Thermophysics, 2020, Volume 41, Issue 1, (2020)
Classifying cannabis sativa flowers, stems and leaves using statistical machine learning with near-infrared hyperspectral reflectance imaging, Holmes, W.S., M. Ooi Po-Leen, Kuang Y.C., Simpkin R., Lopez-Ubiria I., Vidiella A., Blanchon D., Gupta G.S., and Demidenko S. , I2MTC 2020 - International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, Proceedings, 2020, (2020)
Collaborative networks enable the rapid establishment of serological assays for SARS-CoV-2 during nationwide lockdown in New Zealand, McGregor, R., Whitcombe A.L., Sheen C.R., Dickson J.M., Day C.L., Carlton L.H., Sharma P., J. Lott Shaun, Koch B., Bennett J., et al. , PeerJ, 2020, Volume 8, (2020)
The effect of ionising radiation on the photoluminescence and radioluminescence properties of nanoparticle and bulk NaMgF3:Ce,Sm, Nalumaga, H., Schuyt J.J., Williams G.V.M., Clarke D.J., and Chong S.V. , Journal of Luminescence, 2020, Volume 228, (2020)
Evaluation of Dairy Co-product Containing Composite Solutions for the Formation of Bioplastic Films, Ryder, K., Ali M.A., Billakanti J., and Carne A. , Journal of Polymers and the Environment, 2020, Volume 28, Issue 2, p.725 - 736, (2020)
Extraction of cannabinoids from hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) using high pressure solvents: An overview of different processing options, Moreno, T., Montanes F., Tallon S.J., Fenton T., and King J.W. , Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 2020, Volume 161, (2020)
Facile synthesis of Ge1-xSnxnanowires, Xu, Y., Al-Salim N., Lim T.H., Bumby C.W., Cheong S., Tilley R.D., and Tilley R.D. , Materials Research Express, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, (2020)
Factors affecting levels of volatile 4-alkyl branched-chain fatty acids in sheep milk from 2 contrasting farming systems in New Zealand, Teng, F., Reis M.G., Broadhurst M., Lagutin K., Samuelsson L., Ma Y., Stevens D., and Day L. , Journal of Dairy Science, 2020, Volume 103, Issue 3, p.2419 - 2433, (2020)
Gadolinium Complexes Attached to Poly Ethoxy Ethyl Glycinamide (PEE-G) Dendrons: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agents with Increased Relaxivity, Shrestha, R., Teesdale-Spittle P.H., Lewis A.R., and Rendle P.M. , ChemPlusChem, 2020, Volume 85, Issue 8, p.1881 - 1892, (2020)
Haptic nudges increase affected upper limb movement during inpatient stroke rehabilitation: Multiple-period randomized crossover study, Signal, N.E.J., McLaren R., Rashid U., Vandal A., King M., Almesfer F., Henderson J., and Taylor D. , JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 2020, Volume 8, Issue 7, (2020)
Hexa ↔ tetra silicene crystal–crystal phase transition, Hoang, V.V., Giang N.H., and Bubanja V. , Philosophical Magazine, 2020, Volume 100, Issue 5, p.551 - 570, (2020)
High temperature oxidation of Al4C3, Matthews, S., and Brown I.W.M. , Corrosion Science, 2020, Volume 173, (2020)
Hydrophobic chemical treatment of aggregate surfaces to re-engineer the mineral/bitumen interface and improve bitumen adhesion, Bagshaw, S., Kemmitt T., Brooke S., Waterland M., and Fertel L. , Road Materials and Pavement Design, 2020, (2020)
In situ temperature calibration for critical applications near ambient, Webster, E., Clarke D., Mason R., Saunders P., and White D.R. , Measurement Science and Technology, 2020, Volume 31, Issue 4, (2020)
Isolation and Synthesis of Glycophospholipids from the extremophile Chthonomonas calidirosea, Compton, B.J., Lagutin K., Dyer B.S., Ryan J., MacKenzie A., Stott M.B., Nekrasov E.V., Painter G.F., and Vyssotski M. , Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2020, (2020)


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