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Advanced analytical tools for bovine lactoferrin identification and quantification in raw skim milk to finished lactoferrin powders, Billakanti, J., McRae J., Mayr M., and Johnson K. , International Dairy Journal, 2019, Volume 99, (2019)
Antiproliferative Acylated Glycerols from New Zealand Propolis, Bloor, S., Catchpole O., Mitchell K., Webby R., and Davis P. , Journal of Natural Products, 2019, Volume 82, Issue 9, p.2359 - 2367, (2019)
Biofilm Inhibition via Delivery of Novel Methylthioadenosine Nucleosidase Inhibitors from PVA-Tyramine Hydrogels while Supporting Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Viability, Mutreja, I., Warring S.L., Lim K.S., Swadi T., Clinch K., Mason J.M., Sheen C.R., Thompson D.R., Ducati R.G., Chambers S.T., et al. , ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, 2019, Volume 5, Issue 2, p.748 - 758, (2019)
Cylindrical expansions of sound radiation from resilient and rigid infinite strips with reduced error, Poletti, M.A. , Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2019, Volume 145, Issue 5, p.3104 - 3115, (2019)
Dealing with definitional uncertainty better measurements in power systems, Kirkham, H., White R., and Albu M. , AMPS 2019 - 2019 10th IEEE International Workshop on Applied Measurements for Power Systems, Proceedings, 2019, (2019)
Decorative black coatings on titanium surfaces based on hard bi-layered carbon coatings synthesized by carbon implantation, Gupta, P., Fang F., Rubanov S., Loho T., Koo A., Swift N., Fiedler H., Leveneur J., Murmu P.P., Markwitz A., et al. , Surface and Coatings Technology, 2019, Volume 358, p.386 - 393, (2019)
Detection efficiency measurement of single photon avalanche photodiodes by using a focused monochromatic beam tunable from 250 nm to 1000 nm, Bae, I.-H., Park S., Hong K.-S., Park H.S., Lee H.J., Moon H.S., Borbely J.S., and Lee D.-H. , Metrologia, 2019, Volume 56, Issue 3, (2019)
Digital image correlation analysis of vertical strain for corrugated fiberboard box panel in compression, Kueh, C.S.L., Dahm K., Emms G., Wade K., and Bronlund J.E. , Packaging Technology and Science, 2019, Volume 32, Issue 3, p.133 - 141, (2019)
Discovery of glycerol phosphate modification on streptococcal rhamnose polysaccharides, Edgar, R.J., van Hensbergen V.P., Ruda A., Turner A.G., Deng P., Le Breton Y., El-Sayed N.M., Belew A.T., McIver K.S., McEwan A.G., et al. , Nature Chemical Biology, 2019, Volume 15, Issue 5, p.463 - 471, (2019)
Experimental and numerical performance of corrugated fibreboard at different orientations under four-point bending test, Jamsari, M.A., Kueh C., Gray-Stuart E.M., Dahm K., and Bronlund J.E. , Packaging Technology and Science, 2019, Volume 32, Issue 11, p.555 - 565, (2019)
Fault current limiting HTS transformer with extended fault withstand time, Yazdani-Asrami, M., Staines M., Sidorov G., Davies M., Bailey J., Allpress N., Glasson N., and Gholamian S.A. , Superconductor Science and Technology, 2019, Volume 32, Issue 3, (2019)
The First Purification of Functional Proteins from the Unculturable, Genome-Reduced, Bottlenecked a-Proteobacterium ‘Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum’, Gilkes, J.M., Sheen C.R., Frampton R.A., Smith G.R., and Dobson R.C.J. , Phytopathology, 2019, Volume 109, Issue 7, p.1141 - 1148, (2019)
Frequency invariant beamformers for underwater sound, Stytsenko, E., Poletti M., Meijer M., and Scott N. , OCEANS 2019 MTS/IEEE Seattle, OCEANS 2019, 2019, (2019)
Glycerolipid composition of the red macroalga Agarophyton chilensis and comparison to the closely related Agarophyton vermiculophyllum producing different types of eicosanoids, Honda, M., Ishimaru T., Itabashi Y., and Vyssotski M. , Marine Drugs, 2019, Volume 17, Issue 2, (2019)
Graphene nanoribbons under axial compressive and point tensile stresses, Kaur, S., Sharma H., Jindal V.K., Bubanja V., and Mudahar I. , Physica E: Low-Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures, 2019, Volume 111, p.1 - 12, (2019)
Highly Anisotropic Piezoceramics, Staines, M., Kennedy J., Gouws G., Lecarpentier F., Stytsenko E., and Harris P. , IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, IUS, 2019, Volume 2019-October, p.2612 - 2615, (2019)
Johnson noise thermometry, Qu, J.F., Benz S.P., Rogalla H., Tew W.L., White D.R., and Zhou K.L. , Measurement Science and Technology, 2019, Volume 30, Issue 11, (2019)
Maximizing CO2 sequestration in cement-bonded fiberboards through carbonation curing, He, Z., Jia Y., Wang S., Mahoutian M., and Shao Y. , Construction and Building Materials, 2019, Volume 213, p.51 - 60, (2019)
Mdivi-1 and mitochondrial fission: recent insights from fungal pathogens, Koch, B., and Traven A. , Current Genetics, 2019, (2019)
Measuring the Spherical-harmonic Representation of a Sound Field Using a Cylindrical Array, Betlehem, T., and Poletti M. , ICASSP, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing - Proceedings, 2019, Volume 2019-May, p.955 - 959, (2019)
Mismatched filtering of doppler tolerant codes for multi-code sonar systems, Rashed, M.S., Meijer M., and Teal P.D. , OCEANS 2019 MTS/IEEE Seattle, OCEANS 2019, 2019, (2019)
The modern measurement challenge, Kirkham, H., and White R. , I2MTC 2019 - 2019 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, Proceedings, 2019, Volume 2019-May, (2019)
Molecular and structural insights into skin collagen reveals several factors that influence its architecture, Naffa, R., Maidment C., Ahn M., Ingham B., Hinkley S., and Norris G. , International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2019, Volume 128, p.509 - 520, (2019)
The nature of the measurement of partial discharge, Kirkham, H., and White D.R. , Conference Record - IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, 2019, Volume 2019-May, (2019)
Numerical and experimental study on deformation of 3D-printed polymeric functionally graded plates: 3D-Digital Image Correlation approach, Amirpour, M., Bickerton S., Calius E., Das R., and Mace B. , Composite Structures, 2019, Volume 211, p.481 - 489, (2019)


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