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Enhancement of exchange bias and training effect in ion-beam sputtered Fe46Mn54/Ni81Fe19bilayers, Fulara, H., Chaudhary S., Kashyap S.C., and Granville S. , Applied Physics Letters, 2014, Volume 104, Issue 25, (2014)
Enhancement of exchange bias and training effect in ion-beam sputtered Fe46Mn54/Ni81Fe19bilayers, Fulara, H., Chaudhary S., Kashyap S.C., and Granville S. , Journal of Applied Physics, 2014, Volume 115, Issue 4, (2014)
Evaluation of measurement comparisons using generalized least squares: The role of participants' estimates of systematic error, Clare, J.F., Koo A., and Davies R.B. , Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, 2014, Volume 43, Issue 20, p.4297 - 4307, (2014)
Evolution of a supercooled Ice Shelf Water plume with an actively growing subice platelet matrix, Robinson, N.J., Williams M.J.M., Stevens C.L., Langhorne P.J., and Haskell T.G. , Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 2014, Volume 119, Issue 6, p.3425 - 3446, (2014)
A GPU-accelerated real-time implementation of TRINICON-BSS for multiple separation units, Anderson, C.A., Meier S., Kellermann W., Teal P.D., and Poletti M.A. , 2014 4th Joint Workshop on Hands-Free Speech Communication and Microphone Arrays, HSCMA 2014, 2014, p.102 - 106, (2014)
Gravity-supported exercise with computer gaming improves arm function in chronic stroke, Jordan, K., Sampson M., and King M. , Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 2014, Volume 95, Issue 8, p.1484 - 1489, (2014)
High temperature carbonation of Ca(OH)2: The effect of particle surface area and pore volume, Materić, V., Hyland M., Jones M.I., and Northover B. , Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 2014, Volume 53, Issue 8, p.2994 - 3000, (2014)
Hydrothermal rutile to anatase reverse phase transformation, McNicoll, C., Kemmitt T., and Golovko V. , International Journal of Nanotechnology, 2014, Volume 11, Issue 5-8, p.493 - 501, (2014)
The identification and quantification of phospholipids from Thermus and Meiothermus bacteria, Lagutin, K., MacKenzie A., Houghton K.M., Stott M.B., and Vyssotski M. , Lipids, 2014, Volume 49, Issue 11, p.1133 - 1141, (2014)
An improved ring method for calibration of hydrometers, F. Nor, Mohd, Ismail A.K., Clarkson M.T., and Othman H. , Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation, 2014, Volume 48, Issue 1, p.1 - 5, (2014)
Improvements to the MSL mains-frequency power standard, Stewart, T.J., and Jones K. , CPEM Digest (Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements), 2014, p.724 - 725, (2014)
In situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction study of the effect of chromium additions to the steel and solution on CO2 corrosion of pipeline steels, Ko, M., Ingham B., Laycock N., and Williams D.E. , Corrosion Science, 2014, Volume 80, p.237 - 246, (2014)
The influence of emulsion structure on the Maillard reaction of ghee, Newton, A.E., Fairbanks A.J., Golding M., Andrewes P., and Gerrard J.A. , Food Chemistry, 2014, Volume 173, p.1243 - 1249, (2014)
Influence of la and Mn vacancies on the electronic and magnetic properties of LaMnO3 thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition, Marozau, I., Das P.T., Döbeli M., Storey J.G., Uribe-Laverde M.A., Das S., Wang C., Rössle M., and Bernhard C. , Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2014, Volume 89, Issue 17, (2014)
Influence of particle size on the electrocatalytic oxidation of glycerol over carbon-supported gold nanoparticles, Padayachee, D., Golovko V., Ingham B., and Marshall A.T. , Electrochimica Acta, 2014, Volume 120, p.398 - 407, (2014)
Inhibition and structure of toxoplasma gondii purine nucleoside phosphorylase, Donaldson, T.M., Cassera M.B., Ho M.-C., Zhan C., Merino E.F., Evans G.B., Tyler P.C., Almo S.C., Schramm V.L., and Kim K. , Eukaryotic Cell, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 5, p.572 - 579, (2014)
An internally circulating fluid bed for attrition testing of Ca looping sorbents, Materić, V., Holt R., Hyland M., and Jones M.I. , Fuel, 2014, Volume 127, p.116 - 123, (2014)
Investigation of the friability of Ca looping sorbents during and after hydration based reactivation, Materić, V., Hyland M., Jones M.I., and Holt R. , Fuel, 2014, Volume 127, p.70 - 77, (2014)
Investigations of near infrared reflective behaviour of TiO2 nanopowders synthesized by arc discharge, Fang, F., Kennedy J., Carder D.A., Futter J., and Rubanov S. , Optical Materials, 2014, Volume 36, Issue 7, p.1260 - 1265, (2014)
Invitro fermentation of prebiotic oligosaccharides by Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 and Lactobacillus spp., Sims, I.M., Ryan J.L.J., and Kim S.H. , Anaerobe, 2014, Volume 25, p.11 - 17, (2014)
Large magnetoresistance in a permalloy/Ba2FeMoO6 sputtered film, McCann, D.M., Williams G.V.M., Hyndman A., Stephen J., and Kennedy J. , Physica B: Condensed Matter, 2014, Volume 436, p.126 - 129, (2014)
A magnet system for the MSL watt balance, Sutton, C.M., and Clarkson M.T. , Metrologia, 2014, Volume 51, Issue 2, p.S101 - S106, (2014)
Magneto-resistance study of AFe2As2 (A = Sr, Ba) iron-based compounds, Chong, S.V., Williams G.V.M., Sambale S., Kennedy J., and Kadowaki K. , International Journal of Nanotechnology, 2014, Volume 11, Issue 5-8, p.403 - 411, (2014)
Marinobacter salarius sp. nov. and marinobacter similis sp. nov., isolated from sea water, Ng, H.J., M. Rez Ló Pez- Pé, Webb H.K., Gomez D., Sawabe T., Ryan J., Vyssotski M., Bizet C., Malherbe F., Mikhailov V.V., et al. , PLoS ONE, 2014, Volume 9, Issue 9, (2014)
Measurement of Inhomogeneities in MIMS Thermocouples Using a Linear-Gradient Furnace and Dual Heat-Pipe Scanner, Webster, E.S., White D.R., and Edgar H. , International Journal of Thermophysics, 2014, Volume 36, Issue 2-3, p.444 - 466, (2014)


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