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TitleRelative permittivity measurements of dimethyl ether + carbon dioxide mixtures
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsEltringham, W., Talion S.J., Catchpole O.J., and Fenton K.A.
JournalJournal of Chemical and Engineering Data
Pagination826 - 829
Date Published2008
ISSN00219568 (ISSN)
KeywordsCarbon dioxide, Di-methyl ether, Ethers, Organic compounds, Permittivity, Permittivity measurement, Relative permittivity
AbstractThe relative permittivities (∈r) of dimethyl ether (DME) + carbon dioxide (CO2) mixtures [(0.25, 0.48, and 0.75) mass fraction of DME] were measured at (313 and 333) K in the pressure range (3.9 to 32.5) MPa. The Peng-Robinson equation of state was used to calculate the mixture compressed liquid densities (ρcalcd), and the relative permittivity was fitted to ρcalcd, the temperature (T), and the mass fraction of DME (φ1) using a simple empirical equation. © 2008 American Chemical Society.

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