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TitleThe reference step method for DC voltage at 1 mV and 10 mV
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsAndersson, B.-O., Early M.D., Eklund G., Gunnarsson O., and Rydler K.-E.
Conference NameCPEM Digest (Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements)
Date Published2014
Keywordsdc range calibrators, DC voltage, DC voltage ratio, Step method
AbstractWe have investigated the performance of a method called the Reference Step Method at low voltage levels. The method has been evaluated earlier at voltage levels from 0.1 V to 1 kV with excellent results. The advantages of this method are that it uses commonly available equipment and can be fully automated. We have made comparisons with three other low-voltage methods and the differences show that the uncertainties can be less than 30 μV/V at 1 mV and 3 μV/V at 10 mV, making it possible to use this method to perform automated calibration of calibrators with sufficient accuracy for calibration of high-end instruments. © 2014 IEEE.

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