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New Zealand Product Accelerator

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Connecting the high-value manufacturing sector with the scientific expertise that supports product development and technical innovation.

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What is the New Zealand Product Accelerator (NZPA) 

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The New Zealand Product Accelerator (NZPA), supported by Callaghan Innovation, is a national network of scientists, researchers and industry practitioners, serving the high-value manufacturing sector. It aims to connect industries with science and technology teams, and assists companies with new product development, problem-solving and embedding technology innovation. 

NZPA gives you access to expertise, facilities and connections to assist in the development of new products and processes. From ad hoc testing needs to conducting speculative design research and PhD level engineering projects, the NZPA team can support and enable your R&D efforts.NZPA’s researchers are located throughout New Zealand, at nine universities and research institutions.

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Who is NZPA for?

NZPA supports New Zealand entrepreneurs and businesses in the high-value manufacturing sector by developing and improving products and processes. The accelerator supports businesses of all sizes and growth stages.

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How can my business get involved?

To get involved or find out more, visit the

NZPA website

Updated: 2 December 2022