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Annual Report 2016

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Callaghan Innovation's Annual report for the 2015/16 year.

As it says on the cover 'We've got some great stories to tell' - our own stories and those of our customers. You'll find the best of these in the pages below.

You can also download a PDF of the entire report here: PDF icon Callaghan Innovation Annual Report 2016

Customers who we helped

Customers who we helped

A visual overview of the customers we helped in 2015/16.

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Report from our Chair and Interim Chief Executive

The High-Value Manufacturing Sector in New Zealand continues to increase its size and importance to the New Zealand economy.

Read more about Report from our Chair and Interim Chief Executive

Our strategy

To grow New Zealand’s economy by helping businesses succeed through technology.

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Technology and product development 2015/16

There are a myriad of paths available when it comes to taking an idea from concept to commercial reality.

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Breath Easy

Breathe Easy

Building strategic connections to help sufferers of cystic fibrosis.

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A flexible approach to collaboration proves invaluable

Read more about Chitogel

Access to experts 2015/16

Callaghan Innovation opens doors for New Zealand businesses seeking innovation advice, skills, support and technical expertise – accessing both New Zealand and worldwide sources.

Read more about Access to experts 2015/16

Innovation skills 2015/16

Callaghan Innovation helps businesses to build the in-house skills and capability they need to ensure they are innovation-ready.

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Archgola is the leading supplier of awnings and shade solutions in New Zealand; their unique selling proposition is being the first company to develop shade shelter strictly for New Zealand conditions.

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Rex Bionics

Medical technology company Rex Bionics uses state-of-the-art robotics to help people with neurological disabilities get, quite literally, back on their feet.

Read more about Rex Bionics

Business collaborations 2015/16

Callaghan Innovation has given New Zealand businesses opportunities to work with partners on shared technology-based engagements and to form mutually beneficial collaborations.

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In April 2016, on a mission to promote this world- leading position, 23 New Zealand agritech businesses travelled to California on a week-long, Callaghan Innovation-led venture.

Read more about Agritech

Nuku ki te Puku

Nuku ki te Puku

Since the Nuku ki te Puku cluster of food and beverage businesses was formed in 2014, the group has been on several international research missions and had regular meet-ups in New Zealand.

Read more about Nuku ki te Puku

R&D Grants 2015/16

Our suite of R&D grants is designed to add scale to businesses’ R&D investment for greater impact.

Read more about R&D Grants 2015/16

Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab

Callaghan Innovation recognised a unique opportunity and provided help with the funding that Rocket Lab needed to get off the ground.

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Building New Zealand’s innovation capability

Business success relies on a strong innovation system, and Callaghan Innovation plays a critical role in building and strengthening New Zealand’s innovation capability.

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Measurement Standards Laboratory

Measurement Standards Laboratory

Callaghan Innovation’s Measurement Standards Laboratory (MSL) is responsible for providing national measurements, standards and related services in accordance with section 4 of the Measurement Standards Act 199

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Matariki X

Matariki X

As the seven stars of the Pleiades rose in the sky during Matariki 2016, fourteen stars of Māori innovation and business descended on Rotorua for Matariki X, a one-day Māori Inspire event

Read more about Matariki X


2015 C-Prize

In April 2015, having spotted an opportunity to further boost NZ's position as a leading developer of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology, Callaghan Innovation launched its first C-Prize competition

Read more about 2015 C-Prize

Our connections and partnerships

Critical to our success is our close relationships with the key players in New Zealand’s innovation system.

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Our people

Our people are our greatest asset. To meet the needs of our customers we continually work towards attracting and maintaining a high calibre of staff who come from many different, relevant sectors.

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