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TitlePerformance of a speech-data PRMA system in an in-building environment
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsOrange, M.D., Sowerby K.W., Coulson A.J., and Butterworth K.S.
Conference NameIEEE Vehicular Technology Conference
Date Published1997
KeywordsBandwidth, Buildings, Cochannel interference, Electromagnetic wave propagation, Frequency allocation, MATHEMATICAL MODELS, Mobile radio systems, Multiplex radio transmission, Network protocols, Packet networks, Packet reservation multiple access (PRMA), Radio interference, Telecommunication traffic, Voice/data communication systems
AbstractThe performance of an in-building speech-data PRMA system employing frequency reuse is determined via computer simulation. Recent propagation measurements made in the building in which the PRMA system is assumed to operate, are included in the analysis. Significant variations in performance are found to exist over the coverage area. Optimum system performance is obtained by allocating the entire bandwidth to each floor (i.e., complete frequency reuse) and re-transmitting any packets that are corrupted by cochannel interference. This significant result suggests that packet access schemes such as PRMA can provide an alternative to TDMA and CDMA based future wireless networks.

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