Miles Leonard Taylor

Miles Leonard-Taylor

Senior Research Engineer

Applied Technologies

Embedded systems engineer

I am a Senior Research Engineer in the Applied Technologies group where I get the opportunity to collaborate with a team of dedicated professionals who share a common goal of driving technological advancements. Being surrounded by diverse experts allows for dynamic knowledge exchange and the exploration of new ideas.

My career initially began in electronics and later transitioned into software development, providing me with an excellent understanding of any hardware that I’m writing software for.

One of my core beliefs is aligned with the purpose of Callaghan Innovation, to support and foster innovation in New Zealand. I am passionate about contributing to the growth and success of the country's innovation sector by leveraging my skills and expertise.

One of my notable accomplishments includes the development of a PCIe interface that bridges a personal computer (PC) and a quad Digital Signal Processing (DSP) cluster. This project required a deep understanding of hardware and software integration, ensuring seamless communication between the PC and the DSP cluster.

Areas of expertise
  • ARM/STM32 embedded application development with FreeRTOS+CMSIS and FatFS
  • C/C++ (Embedded, PC)
  • QT Gui Applications for PC
  • FPGA development for AMD, Intel, Microchip, and Lattice devices, with VHDL, synthesis, timing constraints, and TCL scripting.
  • Linux/LaTeX
  • Multi-channel data acquisition and processing.
  • Sonar hardware interfacing and signal generation+processing.
  • Signal Processing.
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR).
  • NZCE, Electronics and Computer Technology, Wellington Polytechnic, 1990
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