Marco Meijer

Marco Meijer

Principal Research Engineer

Applied Technologies

Electronics engineer specialising in underwater sound

Marco is an electronics engineer with a special interest in sonar systems and underwater modems. In this area he has worked on sonar designs that have applications in fishing, surveying, and passive acoustic marine mammal tracking. Marco’s work spans project management, system design, signal processing, electronic design, and embedded software. 

His focus has been on system and signal design, signal processing, low noise front ends, switching amplifiers, and transducers. Besides the underwater sound area, Marco has worked on projects involving radio positioning systems, embedded software, and electronics for customers ranging from startups to well established companies.

The IE Communications team works on wide band sonar transducers and works on, among other things, an efficient small delta sigma-based multi-channel high-voltage sonar transmitter. 

Areas of expertise
  • System analysis and design
  • Sonar
  • Underwater Ultrasound
  • Signal processing
  • Electronics
  • Radiofrequency measurements
  • MSc Electrical Engineer, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, 1993.
  • Remmer Cornelis Meijer, Eugene Stytsenko, Neil Llewellyn Scott, SONAR SYSTEM AND METHOD, PCT/IB2020/058584, filed 16 September 2020, Patent pending
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