Kruger Wetere

Kruger Wetere

Māori Business & Relationship Manager

Māori Economy

Leading Māori business engagement

I am honoured to be a Māori Business & Relationship Manager at Callaghan Innovation. My journey is a fusion of financial expertise, leadership, and a deep connection to Te Ao Māori, the Māori world.

Influenced by Māori leaders like Rewi Manga Maniapoto, Te Puea Hērangi, Te Arikinui, Dame Te Atairangikaahu, Sir Āpirana Ngata, and Koro Tainui Wetere, my path is paved with their wisdom and dedication to our people.

Drawing inspiration from Tūheitia Potatau Te Wherowhero VII, I am motivated by his unifying spirit and his call for us to collectively uplift our people. The journey took an exciting turn when I was appointed to my first board a mere 6 months into my role at Callaghan Innovation.

To me, Māori business isn't a singular concept; it's a vibrant tapestry of Te Ao Māori, Māori Business, Matauranga (knowledge), Taiao (environment), Strategy, Planning, Finance, Leadership & Governance, Sustainability & Environment. In our shared journey, let's champion the progress of Māori business and the holistic well-being of our communities.

Areas of expertise
  • Te Ao Māori,
  • Māori Business
  • Matauranga
  • Taiao, Strategy
  • Planning
  • Finance
  • Leadership & Governance
  • Sustainability & Environment
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