Chris Lennox

Chris Lennox

Senior Research Engineer

Applied Technologies

Automation technologies for the primary sector

I’m a Senior Research Engineer within the Advanced Mechatronics team where I specialise in creating automation technologies for both frontier ventures and established companies in the primary sector.

Prototype development, mechanical design/analysis and Industry 4.0 initiatives are some of my focus areas, with a more recent engagement with Web3 technologies. I actually began my research career working on the design and development of robotic prototypes for a consortium of meat processing companies to automate the heavily manual processes in freezing works.

I take satisfaction in solving challenges, the opportunity for learning and seeing a concept take shape into an actual workable product. One of these was the DAT project which involved a multi-disciplinary, cross-team effort working in a difficult environment to deliver a terrific outcome for the customer. 

My fellow scientists and engineers are a continual source of inspiration and I enjoy being able to work directly with customers to provide solutions incorporating new technologies.

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