Andrew Heald

Andrew Heald

Senior Development Engineer

Applied Technologies

Specialist electronics design and development

I am a Senior Development Engineer working in the Applied Technologies group. My expertise is in electronics design and development, covering areas such as analogue, digital, switch-mode power, and microcontrollers. I am proficient in design fault analysis, utilising my skills to ensure robust and reliable engineering solutions. 

Throughout my tenure at Callaghan Innovation (including its predecessor organisations DSIR & IRL), I have worked on a diverse range of multidisciplinary engineering projects, each unique and challenging, such as a vehicle dynamometer controller, tourist commentary systems, and sonar transmitters. 

Collaborating with New Zealand companies to provide innovative solutions to complex engineering challenges has been incredibly rewarding and has kept my work engaging and fulfilling.

Areas of expertise
  • Electronics design and development (analogue, digital, switchmode power, microcontrollers)
  • Design fault analysis
  • Linux systems (including embedded)
  • Programming in C, shell script
  • BE (Hons) Electrical & Electronic, University of Canterbury, 1989
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