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TitlePalladium and platinum complexes of telluracyclopentane. Structure of trans-[Pd{Te(CH2)4}2Cl2]
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsKemmitt, T., Levason W., Oldroyd R.D., and Webster M.
Pagination2165 - 2169
Date Published1992
ISSN02775387 (ISSN)
AbstractThe synthesis and spectroscopic characterization (IR, UV-vis 1H, 125Te and 195Pt NMR) of [ML2X2] and [RhL3Cl3] [L = Te(CH2)4; M = Pd or Pt; X = Cl, Br, or I] are reported. The [PtL2Cl2] complex is cis in the solid state but exists as a mixture of cis and trans isomers in solution. The other palladium and platinum complexes are trans isomers. Both mer and fac isomers are present in the rhodium complex in solution. The structure of [PdL2Cl2] was confirmed as trans by X-ray analysis [PdCl = 2.322 (av), PdTe = 2.593 (av) Å]. © 1992.

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