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TitleOptical Sine transformation and image transmission by using square optical waveguide
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsWu, C.Y., Somervell A.R.D., Haskell T.G., and Barnes T.H.
JournalOptics Communications
Pagination27 - 32
Date Published2000
ISSN00304018 (ISSN)
KeywordsDiscrete sine transforms, Image communication systems, Image compression, Mathematical transformations, Optical communication, Optical fibers, Optical instrument lenses, Optical waveguides, Square optical waveguides
AbstractIn this paper a system able to perform all optically the discrete-Sine transformation is discussed. Similar to that proposed previously, the new system is also composed of a piece of perfectly reflecting square-optical fiber (waveguide) and lens systems but with the input image being directly projected on to the front face of the fiber. At the other end of the fiber the field is transformed by a Fourier lens and projected on to a screen. Theoretical analysis shows that the electric field on the output screen represents exactly the discrete-Sine transform of the input image when a spherically symmetrical phase term is compensated and the original image can be restored by sending the Sine transformed field back through the same system. Phase compensation methods are discussed. The analysis is confirmed by a numerical simulation.

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