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TitleObservation of diatom settling and photocatalytic antifouling on TiO 2 using ATR-IR spectroscopy
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsKemmitt, T., Young A.G., and Depree C.
Series TitleMaterials Science Forum
Number of Pages227 - 230
ISBN02555476 (ISSN); 9783037852637 (ISBN)
KeywordsAmide I, Amides, Anatase surfaces, Antifouling, ATR-IR spectroscopy, Carboxylation, Carboxylic acids, Marine diatoms, Nano-anatase, Nanotechnology, Photo-catalytic, Photocatalysis, Photocatalytic titanium dioxide, Phytoplankton, Sulfate esters, Surfaces, TiO, Titanium, titanium dioxide, Uronic acids, UV-A light
AbstractThe settling of marine diatoms Amphora coffeaeformis onto a photocatalytic titanium dioxide surface was monitored by ATR-IR. Attachment of the diatoms via their mucilaginous secretions was monitored via observation of protein amide I and II linkages, carboxylate linkages from a uronic acid polysaccharide, and sulfate ester groups. Exposure to UV-A light resulted in the rapid removal of the groups attached to the photocatalyst surface, demonstrating the potential antifouling capability of a TiO 2 anatase surface. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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