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TitleNumerical simulation of pitting corrosion: Interactions between pits in potentiostatic conditions
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsWhite, S.P., Krouse D.P., and Laycock N.J.
Conference NameECS Transactions
Date Published2006
KeywordsAlgorithms, computer simulation, Finite element method, MATHEMATICAL MODELS, Nucleation, Pit nucleation, Pitting, Potentiostatic conditions, Simulation algorithm, Stochastic control systems, Stochastic models
AbstractFinite element simulations of single pit propagation have previously been combined with stochastic models of pit nucleation. In this paper, we use this model to focus on the possible interactions between pits by first considering the effect of a propagating pit (the primary pit) on the probability of pit initiation at a nearby site (the secondary site). We also describe a multiple-pit version of the simulation algorithm in which propagation of each pit is assigned to a separate process and these processes can be distributed over several computers. Initial results from many-pit simulations using this method are presented. copyright The Electrochemical Society.

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