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Growth Grants

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Is your business an experienced R&D performer? This three year grant will help you increase your R&D investment.

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How can the grant help me?

The Growth Grant is designed to help you:

  • Add scale to your R&D investment for greater market impact
  • Be flexible by allowing you to adapt to where you want to take your R&D programme, outside the constraints of traditional R&D grant criteria
  • Continue to grow your investment in R&D for maximum return

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How does it work?

Your business will:

  • Receive 20% of your eligible R&D expenditure, up to $5m per annum
  • Receive a two year extension after three years, subject to having met annual review requirements.

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Who can apply?

To apply for a Growth Grant, your business must be one of the following:

  • Registered under the Companies Act.
  • Registered under the Limited Partnerships Act.
  • A Māori incorporation or trust established under the Te Ture Whenua Māori Act, a trust set up to manage assets as part of a Treaty of Waitangi settlement, a Māori statutory body, or a business controlled by one or more of these entities.

To qualify, your business must also:

  • Have spent at least $300,000 per annum and 1.5% of revenue on eligible R&D in each of the last two years; OR plan to exceed these levels over the next year (transitional application)
  • Meet financial and due diligence requirements.

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How do I apply?

Talk to us and we’ll help you through the process. You can apply at any time however your contract will begin on the first day of the next quarter.

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Growth Grant guides and FAQs

How do I calculate R&D intensity ratio and eligible R&D expenditure for a Growth Grant?

As a starting point, consult the following Evidencing Eligible R&D and RDI for Growth Grant guideline and Growth Grant Application template. These two documents will help clarify, eligible and ineligible R&D expenditure and evidential requirements, and specify relevant accounting standards.

Growth Grant Guidelines

PDF iconPre-application Checklist: Are you ready to talk about Growth Grants?

PDF iconGuidelines: Evidencing Eligible R&D and RDI for Growth Grants

FileApplication/Annual Review Certificate template (for chartered accountants)
Please refer to the 'Evidencing Eligible R&D and RDI for Growth Grants' guidelines above for other templates.

PDF iconGuidelines: Growth Grant Funding Agreement

Growth Grant application template

FileGrowth Grant - Application template

The R&D grants allowed us to make a big investment in R&D by taking out some of the financial risk. They also enabled us to work closely with outside research institutes to speed up our R&D. With this funding we have grown faster and taken on more staff to expand our product development.

Nigel Beach, R&D Manager - Compac Sorting Equipment

Updated: 25 October 2017