Bruce Jarvis presenting at Southern SaaS

Sold-out event highlights importance of SaaS support networks

Our SaaStr Annual 2018 group

Date: 3 February 2019 to 7 February 2019

Kiwi SaaStr ’19 delegation

Silicon Valley Agritech New Zealand delegation group 2018

NZ Agritech Creating Global Solutions

Clive Stirling

Renaissance man

Collaboration key agriculture

Collaboration is key to growing NZ’s agritech sector

New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards 2018

2018 Hi-tech winners: global excellence driving New Zealand’s future

Rocket Lab

It really is rocket science

Camera drone from ground

Giving computers eyes

The age of machines that can see is upon us and a group of Kiwi companies is joining forces to stay ahead of the game.

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Sensing and Automation

Kiwi firms succeeding with greater R&D investment

The science behind products that sparkle and shine

Posted: 02 March 2018

Picture two cars in a showroom – one is coated in a dull, rough paint, while the other is glossy, with a hint of metallic sheen. Which one would you choose?

You’re not alone – it has been repeatedly shown that for ‘luxury’ products like cosmetics or automotive paint, appearance has a significant impact on consumer choice. Appearance is also important at the quality control level, because it can often flag issues with the reliability of production techniques to manufacturers. 


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