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Startup Highlights - April 2018

Posted: 06 April 2018

Cruising into 2018 at full throttle, we saw the launch of accelerator programmes Kōkiri, FLUX, Kiwibank Fintech Accelerator (KFA) and SPROUT. Read on for information on these launches and other highlights from the Callaghan Innovation startup programmes over the last six months, and Soda Inc's INNES48 competition. Also, don't miss Techweek 2018 coming to your town in May.

For more info on what Callaghan Innovation’s startup team does, please see our startup site.

Camera drone from ground

Giving computers eyes

The age of machines that can see is upon us and a group of Kiwi companies is joining forces to stay ahead of the game.

Read more about Giving computers eyes

Sensing and Automation

Kiwi firms succeeding with greater R&D investment

SaaSy Kiwi companies eye global growth at scale

Posted: 23 March 2018

Whether tap-and-go donations at church with Pushpay, in business with Xero's accounting software, at the museum with Dexibit's cultural data software, or during halftime with DropIt's reverse auction service – Kiwi companies selling So

Getting cozy with cobots

Posted: 12 March 2018

Victoria is a cobot – a UR5 collaborative robot able to work on 32 different product variants on the lock body line at the company’s Albany facility.

She has been a game-changer, so much so that Assa Abloy is about to commission two more cobots on a different assembly line, manufacturing engineering manager Marc Simkin says.

The sleek new employee paid for herself within a year, and has created a whole new role for the person who used to do her job. He is now the robot minder, directing her to where she’s needed and placing a much greater focus on quality.

The science behind products that sparkle and shine

Posted: 02 March 2018

Picture two cars in a showroom – one is coated in a dull, rough paint, while the other is glossy, with a hint of metallic sheen. Which one would you choose?

You’re not alone – it has been repeatedly shown that for ‘luxury’ products like cosmetics or automotive paint, appearance has a significant impact on consumer choice. Appearance is also important at the quality control level, because it can often flag issues with the reliability of production techniques to manufacturers. 

Building Innovation with Advanced Materials

Posted: 28 February 2018

At Callaghan Innovation’s research and technical services division in Gracefield, Wellington, teams of people are working on exactly these kinds of advanced materials and practical applications for them.

Advanced materials help make the medical implants that extend mobility. They’re behind the container your milk comes in, and the plastic money that we earn and spend every day.

Ambitious Kiwi businesses are developing these products with our science and research specialists to help solve real world and real business problems.

Houston trip opens doors for Kiwi med-tech innovators

Posted: 26 February 2018

Mike Brown, co-founder of wearable bladder sensor start-up Uri-Go, will be among a group of New Zealand innovators heading to the world’s most significant medical technology complex for the first time.

Callaghan Innovation is co-leading a mission in March to the Texas Medical Center in Houston, where Kiwi med-tech company representatives and academics will take part in a learning and networking opportunity aimed at putting their work in the global spotlight.


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