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Updates on the redevelopment of the Gracefield Innovation Quarter (GIQ)

This article was published on 15 September 2021

The redevelopment of the GIQ in Lower Hutt, Callaghan Innovation’s largest site, has been part of our transformation work that’s most visible to people.

It's a complex programme of work because it's being delivered on a fully operational site supporting work for entrepreneurs and innovators.

The first stage of the GIQ Programme is to stabilise the GIQ site so it’s operating safely and critical foundations are improved. This first stage is called Tactical Estates Continuity Programme (TECP) and it’s halfway through its four-year programme of work. 

More than half of the projects in the programme are in the design stage, and around a fifth have been completed and delivered. We had expected to have more of the programme completed in 2020/2021 with a range of factors impacting this delay including:

  • Some unforeseen circumstances including Covid-19 and its impacts on the supply chain, cost escalation and scarcity of resources. We foresee these factors continuing this coming year and potentially beyond.
  • Procurement of contractors to undertake delivery (construction) work is taking longer than expected with the market being buoyant.
  • We have chosen to spend more time than originally planned upfront in the design stage and working through complex business requirements ensuring we manage associated risk early in the process. This has meant delays in beginning the delivery stage of the programme. 

As the facilities continue to be developed and upgraded, these works will build a foundation for future investment in the site, to harness the GIQ’s full potential.

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