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There’s a SaaS solution for almost everything!

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This article was published on 14 August 2018

These are all companies we’re working with across a range of different industries. There are lots more!

Vet servicesezyVet

Problem: Managing vet patients, tracking progress etc.

Solution: Large veterinary hospitals around the world are running on ezyVet’s the cloud-based practice management platform.


Problem: SMEs finding it hard to keep track of their accounting invoices etc – time consuming.

Solution: Cloud based software platform to easily track and account, artificial intelligence to identify cost codes. Used in 180 countries, total lifetime value of Xero subscribers $3.2b, operating revenue up 38% for the year to $406M, 1.38M subscribers, over 2,000 employees.

Museums Dexibit 

Problem: Lack of business development and understanding of data for visitor attraction organisations like museums

Solution: Cloud based system helping organisation understand their visitor behaviour, loyalty and insights using big data analytics and artificial intelligence.


Problem: managing and monitoring animals out on the farm

Solution: gathering data from the farm to access the dashboard anywhere with an animal Transfer App

Tradies NZ Trade Group

Problem: small trades businesses not being able to afford business solutions

Solution: a cloud-based quote and job management software system, collective marketing.

Boarding schoolsBoardingware

Problem: It’s always been a headache tracking leave and administration for tracking kids at boarding schools.

Solution: Cloud computing to provide a safer campus, which requires a live and accurate enterprise-level ledger for their students’ movements throughout the day.


Problem: difficult to collect mobile donations for not-for-profit organisations

Solution: Pushpay’s easy mobile payment and engagement platform now has a 7,352, organisation customer base (97% in North America). It has increased its revenue 52% in the past year, largely due to uptake by the US faith-based sector.


Problem: finding an available parking space – efficient use of city space etc

Solution: app with real time parking space availability in NZ, expanding to Brisbane, China and starting a trial in Hong Kong.

Crime intelligenceAuror

Problem: inefficient and ineffective recording, communication and data analysis for crimes

Solution: software platform that enables crimefighters to work smarter not harder with easy crime reporting for businesses and data analytics. Converges data to help police and retail businesses collaborate and fight crime.


Problem: tourism operators struggle carrying out a range of operations from websites to reaching customers on social media

Solution: A reservation management system, tourism themed websites, integrating airline specific solutions.

Project managementWorkbench International Ltd

Problem: frustration and concern running relatively complex and high-risk projects with limited financial information from accounting systems.

Solution: Helping manage projects easier by integrating the most common accounting applications and many other software systems eg estimating tools and payroll programs.


Problem: Trading in the massive Amazon marketplace was a headache when it came to accounting – time to bookkeep and reconcile lots of transactions.

Solution: Cloud software app connecting Amazon’s marketplace systems with cloud accounting to automate the bookkeeping for Amazon marketplace transactions.

Retail 11Ants Retail

Problem: Getting a huge amount of unrealised value in the transactional data retailers collect and store

Solution: The platform transforms this data into actionable stories about customers, products, promotions and stores, to help make and review decisions.

Events Health & SafetyBlerter by Cloud M

Problem: communicating and coordinating efficiently with events team at large events

Solution: cloud-based communication and organisation software for events eg marathons,

Security with OracleDbvisit

Problem: difficult for Oracle Standard Edition DBAs to set up and manage their DR environments

Solution: helps protect and recover your valuable data on Oracle to ensure business continuity.

Asset managementSPM Assets

Problem: hard to manage all business assets and have a clear picture of their condition

Solution: Cloud based software platform enabling people to build their asset intelligence database so they can help determine financial forecasts and when they need to service or replace assets.