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#SouthernSaaS20 - Serious about SaaS marketing

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This article was published on 20 November 2020

It was fantastic to have account-sales marketing experts Jane Smallfield and David Macken from Proxi Management speaking as part of #SouthernSaaS20 about mapping out the customer journey from visitor to customer. 

Awareness, research, evaluation, purchase – these are the steps taken by any customer when considering whether to purchase your product. Jane and David described how to create a customer acquisition engine which operates as a ‘well-oiled machine’ – starting with understanding your target personas, knowing their pain-points, and knowing when and how they like to consume information. 

“You cannot build personas at your desk,” said David. “You have to go out and talk to your customers.” David spoke at length about websites and common issues which can turn prospective customers off your product. “Imagine you only know the name of your company and sector. Can you immediately tell you’re on the right website without scrolling? This is the ‘above the fold’ test, and if anyone tells you it doesn’t matter – it really does.” 

David stressed the importance of speaking directly to your potential customer and giving them the opportunity to identify themselves in your product. “By fixing their problem, you have a chance to turn a customer into an advocate for your product.” 

Logical flow is the guiding principle when it comes to websites, and not just for your target persona but for all visitors to your site. Key website features from Jane and David include: call to action (CTAs) in all the right places, key benefits and functionality, testimonials, key figures, and reviews. An intuitive sign up and payment process, and easy to find pricing, production options, and terms & conditions. No barriers, and nothing there just for the sake of being different. 

This was a really insightful session which covered a wide range of valuable topics, and we’re grateful to Jane and David for their time spent with us. We all came away feeling much more equipped to deal with the ‘minefield’ that is digital marketing! 

Thanks to all who took part in the first two weeks of #SouthernSaaS20. We’re approaching the final week of Southern SaaS 2020, made for software-as-a-service (SaaS) professionals in New Zealand’s growing digital product looking to upskill, connect, and be inspired. Week 3 is focused on 1:1 appointments with SaaS experts, so make sure you book in!

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Southern SaaS 2020 is a virtual conference arranged by New Zealand’s innovation agency, Callaghan Innovation, for software-as-a-service (SaaS) professionals looking to network, upskill, and inspire in New Zealand’s growing digital product sector.

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