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#SouthernSaaS20 - Achieving exponential growth during Covid-19

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This article was published on 13 November 2020

Startups have a much bigger opportunity for exponential growth in a post-COVID world.

With 300 people across the country we kicked off our popular Southern SaaS 2020 conference this week. And it was seriously refreshing to have Marvin Liao set us off on a positive note - with how Covid-19 has changed organisations and forced many to digitise quickly to adjust to our new reality.

Marvin is a veteran investor, executive coach, and start-up expert with over 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley. 

“Covid-19 has made companies rethink how they do business. Start-ups did a better job of bandaging their position because bigger companies are handling legacies, complexities, and more people. The industrial, offline industries like commercial real estate and travel are flattening out, but SaaS products such as cybersecurity and communications tools are skyrocketing in value.”

Like many, Marvin is optimistic about the SaaS ecosystem despite saying that “2020 has sucked”. He has seen many opportunities arise out of Covid-19 and likens this decade to the Roaring Twenties, where after a global pandemic there were huge leaps in culture, literature, technology, and the economy. 

He told us that the reorientation towards Zoom has effectively ‘flattened’ the world. “This is a great opportunity for international companies – they’re much more open to pitches from overseas because there’s no difference between talking to someone nearby or from, say, New Zealand.” 

But of course, you have to do video calls well. Paying attention to your audience, keeping energy high, and being prepared for technical glitches were key skills in this new, Covid-19 affected world. 

Marvin believes firmly that once we’re out of this pandemic, the 2020s are going to be an amazing opportunity for a reset. Like us, he’s eager to see start-ups survive, push through, and find success! 

Keep an eye out from insights from the rest of the team over the next two weeks as we continue Southern SaaS 2020. It’s our popular conference for software-as-a-service (SaaS) professionals looking to network, upskill, and inspire in New Zealand’s growing digital product sector - of course this year we went digital!

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Southern SaaS 2020 Digital setup
Southern SaaS goes digital