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#SouthernSaaS20 - The 7 Deadly Wins

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This article was published on 20 November 2020

Week 2 of #SouthernSaaS20 continued our trend of excellent speakers, content, and inspiration for our SaaS professionals joining us from all over Aotearoa. 

We were really grateful to host digital marketing wizards Fran Bellingham and Fraser Reeves from Virtual Marketers join Week 2 of Southern SaaS. A closed-door session, Fran and Fraser guided us through the complex world of digital marketing and gave us some fantastic tips for how to cut through the noise and be heard in a world of SaaS products.

“Digital marketing is about measurability,” said Fran, talking about creating a digital marketing plan. “We talk about this all the time. Following a framework will mean you know you what you are measuring, with the objective of getting the right people through your ‘marketing funnel.”

Fran and Fraser discussed social media marketing, which Fraser described as a “constantly changing, highly creative-led landscape.” Their points for social media were; plan and schedule because managing takes a lot of effort; be clear about which channels you’ll focus on; participate in the community such as tech and SaaS groups; and test your creative to find the most effective messages. Fraser pointed out that “fatigue is real when it comes to social, so make sure you test different narratives!” Great advice!

 “Email marketing should be a SaaS marketer’s best friend,” said Fran. “It can deliver solid conversion and retention rates. People don’t mind getting emails that are relevant to them, so make sure it’s relevant!” 

Website optimisation was highlighted as a crucial element to your digital marketing process, and Fran and Fraser laid out some fantastic points for strong conversion rates. Fraser laid out the following: “content gains you organic traffic, use best practice SEO, provide a great UX (user experience), and make sure your site is mobile optimised.”

“The best kind of content is content that informs people, is useful, and has longevity,” said Fraser, wrapping up the segment. “Evergreen content, such as calculators, resources, e-books, guides – these let your users tell you what they want. The better your content performs, the more you’re rewarded by search engines, the greater your SEO rankings, you gain more organic traffic and therefore more prospective customers.” A massive thanks to Fraser and Fran for their clear, concise insight and being part of Southern SaaS 2020! 

Thanks to all who took part in the first two weeks of #SouthernSaaS20. We’re approaching the final week of Southern SaaS 2020, made for software-as-a-service (SaaS) professionals in New Zealand’s growing digital product looking to upskill, connect, and be inspired. Week 3 is focused on 1:1 appointments with SaaS experts, so make sure you book in soon!

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Southern SaaS 2020 is a virtual conference arranged by New Zealand’s innovation agency, Callaghan Innovation, for software-as-a-service (SaaS) professionals looking to network, upskill, and inspire in New Zealand’s growing digital product sector.

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