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Smart Grid Technology Mission

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This article was published on 14 September 2016

We've been visiting the United States East Coast with some great New Zealand companies to learn about ”smart grid” technology and market trends.

Disruptive innovation is affecting electricity supply and utility companies around the world. Callaghan Innovation has teamed up with a bunch of future-thinking New Zealand companies to learn more about "smart grid” technology and market trends with a mission to the United States. This 'Smart Grid Technology Mission' will provide an opportunity to:

  • learn about key ”smart grid” technology and market trends
  • validate their technologies and business innovation strategies
  • network and meet potential investors, partners and customers
  • build productive relationships for ongoing collaboration with other New Zealand participants.

Programme details

This programme which runs 6-13 September 2016 is timed to coincide with the seventh conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT2016) which is being held on 6–9 September in Minneapolis. In addition the group will also visit and present to:

Posts from the mission



New Zealand businesses involved

Energy Market Services
Energy Market Services is a commercial division of Transpower NZ Ltd. For 20 years EMS has been at the forefront of market development in the New Zealand energy sector.

Enatel Ltd
Enatel designs and manufactures innovative and world-leading power electronics solutions used in telecommunications and wireless networks, grid-tied solar and motive power industrial battery sectors.

Gentrack is an industry leader in specialist solutions for utilities and airports and has a heritage spanning 27 years and partnerships with over 100 utilities and airports across four continents.

Greenstage Power Limited
Greenstage Power provides advanced IoT solutions for energy management using a 100% open-source enterprise software platform.

Our Energy Limited
Our Energy is an early stage start-up venture designing and building a digital platform for the buying, selling and gifting of clean, local energy.

Sequoai Services NZ Limited
Sequoia Services NZ Ltd is an early mover focused on developing competencies that force companies to change the way they look at products, processes and business models and use innovation and technology to deliver sustainable outcomes.

Tailor Battery
Tailor Battery is a world leader in the design and supply of and custom batteries and battery packs for Mobile/Portable, Industrial/Grid Scale and Military applications.

Tait Communications
"Our clients protect communities, power cities, move citizens, harness resources and save lives all over the world. We work with them to create and support the critical communication solutions they depend on to do their jobs."

Tekron International Limited
Tekron International Limited provides high precision GPS and GLONASS Satellite Clocks, Rubidium Atomic Clocks (including Miniature Atomic Clocks-MACs) and Stratum 1 Network Time Server solutions to over 70 countries.

Vector Advanced Metering Services
Vector Advanced Metering Services (Vector AMS) is New Zealand’s leading advanced metering hardware and services provider.

Wel Networks Ltd
WEL Networks is an innovative, infrastructure provider serving Waikato communities for 100 years, connecting over 160,000 people to electricity services through around 85,000 installation connection points.

Further information

Please contact Chris Thomson if you are interested to learn more about this mission.