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See Tomorrow First

The NZ Tech and Innovation Story has officially launched!

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This article was published on 23 February 2022

New Zealand brings a unique perspective to how we think about and use technology. It’s a perspective the world needs now, more than ever to help create technology that will build a better tomorrow.

Just launched, the NZ Tech & Innovation Story is designed to help build New Zealand's international reputation and support more tech businesses to succeed on the world stage. It also helps share what we stand for as a country and our values when it comes to creating tech.

The Tech Story is a sales and marketing initiative, developed to ensure our tech capabilities are promoted in a compelling and consistent way to the rest of the world. Its aim is to help our tech businesses grow by attracting investment, talent and global sales.

We invite you to check out the See Tomorrow First website, where NZ tech businesses can access a range of marketing assets and resources to help share their story globally.  You can also gain international insights, learn about national activation plans and how to get involved. 

If you’d also like to be part of the industry conversation join the Tech Story inform group on LinkedIn here.


The New Zealand Tech and Innovation Story (Tech Story) has been developed in collaboration with industry and government agencies, as a workstream of the Digital Technologies Industry Transformation Plan (Digital Technologies ITP).