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Running on good data

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The importance of accurate measurement in the energy market.

The Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand (MSL) is New Zealand's national metrology institute and provides the country's most accurate measures of power. Murray Early is MSL's Principal Research Scientist for Time and Frequency. His team works with electricity businesses across New Zealand - helping them ensure their measurements and calibrations are accurate.

Murray says the disruption of the energy sector brings great opportunity, but also some measurement challenges for innovators. 'It's a massive business. There is a lot of money in effect going through those wires, and it's really important that the measures of electricity ….are reliable and trustworthy.'

Linking accurate timing with accurate measurement is becoming a requirement of the future.

As the electricty sector evolves, Murray says the market and network is also becoming more complex creating different measurement needs, and requiring a more sophisticated set of measurements. Timestamps are just one part of this. 'Increasingly there is interest in associating time with power as well to make sure that it's understood where the power is being used.'

Watch the video below for more insights from Murray about the importance of accurate measurement in the energy market:


Updated: 29 August 2022