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Radical openness & leadership for business success

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This article was published on 14 October 2015

Join influential thinker Don Tapscott for a workshop on the power of transparency, sharing intellectual property and collaboration.

About this event

'Radical openness' is an idea that is affecting every facet of our society - from the way we do business and how we manage talent, to whom we chose to govern us.

But while radical openness promises many exciting transformations, it also comes with new risks and responsibilities, including:

  • How much information should we share and with whom?
  • What are the consequences of disclosing the intimate, unvarnished details of our businesses and personal lives?
  • How do companies and governments develop a transparency strategy?
  • What are the implications for talent, talent management and the nature of management itself?

New Zealand Directors, CEOs and innovation teams should not miss this unique opportunity to discuss with Don Tapscott how smart organisations and businesses are embracing the concept of radical openess to create commercial success.

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Event details

Date: Wednesday 28 October, 2015
Time: 10am – Noon
Cost: $99 per person
Venue: Orams Captain’s Lounge, Marine Centre, 142 Beaumont Street, Westhaven, Auckland

About Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott was ranked the fourth most influential thinker in the world in the 2013 Thinkers50 Awards. He was also awarded the Global Solutions Award, for contributing most to the world's understanding of globalisation and emerging markets.

“Don remains one of the most perceptive thinkers about the way technology is transforming business and society. Several of his predictions -from networked intelligence to the demands on leaders to embrace technology -have taken permanent hold.” Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google