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NZ CleanTech for the World

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This article was published on 2 November 2020

Clean technology’s time has arrived. Now, more than ever, the world needs innovative solutions to environmental challenges, so how can NZ CleanTech businesses maximise this opportunity and help secure the future of the planet?

25 November 2020
Virtual interactive event, via Zoom

As NZ considers how to address environmental issues as part of the COVID-19 recovery, new and existing technologies converge, and businesses increasingly look to ‘do the right thing’, CleanTech offers vital opportunities. 

NZ has already produced a number of successful CleanTech companies, but we need more to develop innovative products and services that bring about a stable climate, clean water and smart-resource use – both here and offshore.

Join Callaghan Innovation for this free, virtual event bringing together sector experts to explore how NZ businesses can play a part in addressing the global environmental challenges we face.

Hear from Kiwi CleanTech experts

NZ CleanTech business leaders, including;

  • Veronica Stevenson, Humble Bee founder and CEO
  • Ashton Partridge, Manufacturing Systems Chief Science Officer
  • Shalini Divya, TasmanION Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer 

These experts will be joined by US-based Kiwi eco-pioneer Dr Sean Simpson, LanzaTech Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder. In a discussion facilitated by Callaghan Innovation Business Innovation Advisor for Energy and Environment James Muir, the panel will explore some of CleanTech’s key challenges and opportunities. 

A number of questions will be explored in this interactive session, including:

  • How do we grow the NZ CleanTech sector?
  • How can NZ CleanTech businesses succeed on the global stage?  
  • How do we nurture and grow scalable NZ CleanTech businesses?

NZ CleanTech for the World, virtual event (full session content)

NZ CleanTech for the World, virtual event (panel only content)


About the panelists

The panelist line-up includes:  

Shalini Divya

Shalini Divya

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at TasmanION. Shalini’s PhD focused on cathode materials for high-performance rechargeable aluminium-ion batteries. During her research she found a cathode material that outperforms most of the materials that have been published to date. Shalini is now working on commercialising the battery technology, and has been awarded an MBIE KiwiNet Emerging Innovator grant. 

Ashton Partridge

Ashton Partridge

Chief Science Officer at Manufacturing Systems (MSL) and associate professor within the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Auckland. MSL is a NZ-based startup with a unique polymer production process, and Ashton’s role is to oversee teams of scientists and engineers who are translating ideas from the laboratory into commercial products.

Sean Simpson

Sean Simpson

Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of LanzaTech, a US-based company recycling carbon from industrial off-gases; syngas generated from any biomass resource; and reformed biogas. Sean spent the first 12 years of his life living in various countries around the world, including Mauritius, Zambia and Gibraltar.. He now lives with his family in Chicago, USA. 

Veronica Stevenson

Veronica Stevenson

Founder and CEO of Humble Bee, a NZ biomaterials startup that uses biomimicry to capture information encoded within a solitary bee’s genome to create a new plastic that is safe for people and the planet. Humble Bee’s bioplastic is intended to provide an alternative to the existing harmful plastics used in everything from textile coatings to cosmetic formulas.

Panel host

The panel discussion will be hosted by:

James Muir

James Muir

Callaghan Innovation Business Innovation Advisor for Energy and Environment.
James helps people grow CleanTech businesses that bring about a stable climate, smart resource use and clean water. He has been an environmental professional for more than 20 years, working with businesses and governments in NZ and offshore to bring environmental considerations into strategy and decisions. He is also Founder of CleanTech startup Crunch & Flourish.