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No. 8 Re-wired book launch

This article was published on 9 October 2014

Join us for the launch of David Downs and Jon Bridges’ book, No. 8 Re-wired.

The No. 8 Re-wired book celebrates the Kiwi can-do attitude, but also asks the question: is this entrenched, national myth holding us back? Are we simply denying reality by leaning on our famous history?

In their book, Jon and David say, "New Zealand is no longer a world leader in solving intractable problems with clever ideas. Our levels of innovation now trail our peers. Some of the core attributes of our culture, identity and psyche need to mature for us to ensure a lasting relevance and impact on the world.”

Launch events are being held in Auckland, Tauranga and Wellington. At each event, Jon and David will share some of their learnings and discuss the challenges we have to address in order to become a nation that rewires the world.

Registrations now closed.