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Navigating support for Agritech businesses

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This article was published on 6 April 2022

A new website, the Agritech Support Explorer, has been launched to help agritech businesses navigate the ever-evolving landscape of government funding and capability support.

New Zealand has no shortage of clever agritech businesses looking to tackle challenges. As the agritech sector grows, so has the suite of government funding and capability support options available to support Kiwi agritech businesses.

A challenge for many agritech businesses is that they might not know where to start to find out what’s available to support their specific business needs. Agritech innovators could spend hours trawling websites that each present information in different ways, only to find that what they’re looking at is perhaps not the right fit for their business.

A new website, the Agritech Support Explorer, has been launched to help overcome this problem. The website guides users as they navigate the ever-evolving government funding and capability support landscape, providing agritech businesses with tailored information that fits their unique needs.

The Agritech Support Explorer is a simple solution to an important challenge. Simply put - it makes government funding and support easy to find, understand, and use for agritech businesses.

Andrew Cameron, Project Lead for the Agritech Support Explorer

The website was launched recently as part of an initiative designed to supercharge New Zealand’s growing agritech sector. By better connecting agritech businesses with information on funding and support options, the website can support greater agritech business growth in New Zealand.

After users complete a short form, the website provides a curated selection of the most relevant support options available to them, including targeted information for Māori-owned and led agritech businesses.

The website pulls together key details for agritech businesses on the different support available, including:

  • An overview of the product, funding or support on offer,

  • The organisation offering it, and how to get in touch,

  • Who’s eligible, and how and when the support can be accessed,

  • The purpose of the product and its desired outcomes.

The Regional Business Partner Network supported the development of the Agritech Support Explorer, testing and ensuring that it’s fit for purpose and easy to use. The website will also be updated regularly, to ensure that users can trust the information they receive. 

Head to to try the tool out for yourself or get in touch with Andrew Cameron at for more information or to provide feedback.