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A mind altering six minutes

A wrap up of Salim Ismail's sell-out 'Mind Altering Substance' event.

This article was published on 11 September 2015

"The biggest marketplace in the history of humanity is being created right now under our noses. And the question is – will you be able to keep pace?"

In July 2015, Callaghan Innovation invited business strategist, entrepreneur, and Founding Executive Director of Singularity University, Salim Ismail, to New Zealand to speak about 'exponential organisations'. Hear from Salim about what an exponential organisation is – and the important mindsets to have when working in a business context influenced by disruptive technologies and globalisation.

Disruption, exponential organisations, shifting business models, new models of supply and demand – It’s all here in a six minute wrap up of Salim Ismail’s sell-out ‘Mind Altering Substance' July 2015 lectures.