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Mark Post - Growing meat

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This article was published on 9 November 2015

Radio NZ interviews pioneer of cultured meat technology, Dutch professor Mark Post.

Maastricht University’s Mark Post – the man who pioneered the burger pattie grown in the lab – is in New Zealand as part of Beyond the Line of Sight, a day-long future of farming forum hosted by Tru-Test, Callaghan Innovation and NZTE.

Radio NZ’s Saturday Morning with Kim Hill interviewed Mark for the show this Saturday on how our conception of meat will change “from something that’s slaughtered to something that’s just available”, what a lab-grown burger tastes like, and why they began their ground-breaking work with mice.

Listen to the podcast by visiting the Radio NZ website.

More information about 'Beyond the line of sight. Farming and the future of food' can be found on the the event website: