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This article was published on 5 February 2021

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27 July 2021


Learning journey

Orah has developed a platform that helps schools, students and their families track and monitor school life – from managing permissions for excursions to organising co-curricular activities and monitoring student wellbeing.

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30 April 2021


Techweek TV: Uncovering SaaS solutions to agriculture challenges

Wednesday 26 May 2021, 12.00pm - 12.30pm NZST Online

SaaS solutions are making farming easier, cleaner and more productive. And investors are hot on the heels of these opportunities. Changes in NZ’s migrant labour force, a shift in traditional family roles, environmental  regulatory changes and Covid-19 are all challenging the agricultural sector. Kiwi agritech SaaS solutions arising from this challenge are increasing, as is global investor interest. What's out there and how can we bridge the gap between New Zealand agritech businesses and global opportunities? Join us to discuss what Kiwi agritech innovators are working on, what industry trends to watch out for in agritech and what global agritech investors are looking for.

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31 March 2021

Outside the Valley

Outside the Valley, Auckland premiere

Thursday 15 April 2021, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm NZST

Outside the Valley follows J. Ryan and Hunter as they travel the world to learn about startup ecosystems outside of Silicon Valley. From Portugal to Uruguay, and Mexico City to New Zealand, the world’s next great companies are coming from places far from the garages in Palo Alto that gave rise to Google, HP, Apple, and the other Silicon Valley giants.

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5 February 2021

NZTE image

The Selling Sales Funnel for SaaS Webinar Series

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise’s North American Tech Team invites you to a three part webinar series on The Selling Sales Funnel for SaaS with Scott Sambucci followed by Q & A. This three-part webinar series covers the key systems you need to have in place to establish a repeatable sales process, why they’re important, and provides a framework for building these systems.

Part 1: Prospecting Plan of Action: identifying and sticking to a handful of key lead generation activities that yield the best results for their startups. Developing a prospecting plan of action, key measurements to track the quality and costs per leads.

Wednesday 10 February | 11:00am - 12:00pm NZT

Part 2: Pipeline Pull-Through Strategy: establishing a ‘sales map’ or journey through which all leads, and prospects go, maintaining momentum through the process, and establishing key measurements to track conversion and time to close rates.

Wednesday 17 February | 11:00am - 12:00pm NZT

Part 3: Paying Customer Plan: the third part of the sales funnel is all about avoiding the biggest mistakes often seen in the final stages of the selling process – failing to establish ROI, failing to reduce risk for customers when it comes to purchasing, offering price discounts unnecessarily, overlooking the importance of a successful implementation strategy. 

Wednesday 3 March | 11:00am - 12:00pm NZT

Registrations have now closed for this event.


27 November 2020

#SouthernSaaS20 - Serious about SaaS marketing

It was fantastic to have account-sales marketing experts Jane Smallfield and David Macken from Proxi Management speaking as part of #SouthernSaaS20 about mapping out the customer journey from visitor to customer. Awareness, research, evaluation, purchase – these are the steps taken by any customer when considering whether to purchase your product. 



27 November 2020

#SouthernSaas20 - Negotiating SaaS contracts & how the Privacy Act 2020 affects SaaS businesses

As part of Week 2 of #SouthernSaaS20, we were honoured to have Ed Lim and Lisa Paz from boutique technology, media, and intellectual property (IP) law firm Hudson Gavin Martin speaking to attendees about contract negotiation, data security, and what the updated Privacy Act 2020 means for SaaS businesses in New Zealand. 



27 November 2020

#SouthernSaaS20 - The 7 Deadly Wins

A closed-door session, Fran and Fraser guided us through the complex world of digital marketing and gave us some fantastic tips for how to cut through the noise and be heard in a world of SaaS products.




27 November 2020

#SouthernSaaS20 - “How to make yourself enticing angel food”

Suse Reynolds gave a group of #SouthernSaaS20 attendees a detailed overview on how to attract angel investors




16 November 2020

Southern SaaS 2020 Digital setup

#SouthernSaaS20 - Achieving exponential growth during Covid-19

Startups have a much bigger opportunity for exponential growth in a post-COVID world.

With 300 people across the country we kicked off our popular Southern SaaS 2020 conference this week. And it was seriously refreshing to have Marvin Liao set us off on a positive note - with how Covid-19 has changed organisations and forced many to digitise quickly to adjust to our new reality.



16 November 2020

Sandi Lin - Southern SaaS

#SouthernSaaS20 - Transitioning from tech giant to startup

“Startups are just a series of failures, but you lurch in the right direction all the time.” 

We were grateful for the opportunity to speak with Sandi Lin, CEO and founder of cloud-based customer education platform Skilljar for #SouthernSaaS2020. An MIT and Stanford graduate with experience in product management at Amazon, Sandi’s deep understanding of product-market fit and effective scaling has made Skilljar a global success. Thanks for your time with us, Sandi! 



16 November 2020

Southern SaaS Panel of Inspiration

#SouthernSaaS20 panel - Lessons from the trenches

What does it take to become a successful SaaS entrepreneur?

As part of #SouthernSaaS2020, Jo Mills (Fuel50), Mike Carden (Joyous), and Campbell Brown (PredictHQ) talked with Sian Simpson (PublicRally) about their experiences launching SaaS products globally. Here’s a short rundown on the answers provided by these SaaS professionals from our panel. 



16 November 2020

Southern SaaS - online

#SouthernSaaS20 - The revenue roadmap masterclass

As part of #SouthernSaaS2020, it was fantastic to hear from J. Ryan Williams - an experienced builder of sales teams in Silicon Valley who has taken three companies over the $100m revenue mark. He focused on how to market and grow SaaS businesses through effective sales. 



1 September 2020

E-Learning Spotlight: Capital Education

In this video and workshop series, industry leaders share vital insights on raising capital in today’s turbulent world. Interested in the Capital Education workshops? Sign up here. 

Below, Suse Reynolds (Angel Association) and David Beard (MOVAC) discuss the impact COVID-19 is having on equity investment drivers and behaviours and what founders can do now. 

For our full Capital Education video series, click here.



24 August 2020

Healthtech innovator Emergency Q named Hi-Tech Māori Company of the Year

In the midst of helping the nation respond to the COVID-19 crisis, healthtech innovator Emergency Q has been recognised with two NZ Hi-Tech Awards. It also won the Kiwibank Most Innovative Hi-Tech Service award and was a finalist in the NZ Growth Capital Partners Hi-Tech Start-Up Company of the Year category. 



20 August 2020

Build for Speed

Build for Speed supports SaaS businesses to identify and tackle key pain points, so they can get back to growing and innovating.

We're expanding our Build for Speed programme content, with the plan to deliver a total of 30 two to four-hour' workshops over the 12-month Kiwi SaaS activity period.



18 August 2020

Patient-led tech inspires COVID-19 response

Emergency Q is making its mark in the tech innovation space, having won the Most Innovative Technology Solution for the Public Good in 2018 at the NZ Hi-Tech Awards, and this year being a finalist in three categories. Integrated across primary and secondary care, its software enables patients and their whānau to view current wait times at emergency departments via their smartphone, so they can make informed decisions about where to get treatment, and avoid overcrowding emergency wait rooms for non-urgent needs. 



10 August 2020

NZ Trade Group

Tradies’ new tool for success

Andrewe Brown didn’t anticipate a future in tech. He originally set up NZ Trade Group to help himself and other ‘tradies’ get ahead, through a unique combination of software, suppliers and services. But it has since become something much bigger. 

NZ Trade Group’s cloud-based software, Katipolt, manages tradie’s quotes and jobs to help them improve profitability and save time. Member businesses remain independent but can access support tools, shared resources and group purchasing arrangements.



5 August 2020

Plink Software

App brings te reo alive

Plink Software, uses technology to connect Māori to their identity through language and whakapapa (genealogy). Chief executive Jeremy Banks has a lofty end goal for the business founded in 2015: “I want to see te reo Māori return to being a living language. We’re a long way from that, but that’s the aim.”



31 October 2019

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect

For many of us, labouring over Three Blind Mice or Heart and Soul is what springs to mind when we think about music lessons.

And it’s one of the things Sam Gribben, founder of music learning software firm Melodics, kept hearing as he developed the idea for the company.



9 September 2019

PredictHQ co-founders Campbell Brown and Robert Kern
PredictHQ co-founders Campbell Brown and Robert Kern

The global Kiwi start-up

PredictHQ founder Campbell Brown’s advice to Kiwi tech start-ups is to go global as quickly as possible. If that sounds ambitious, he’s already walked the talk by building a business that has served global customers from day one.

Established just three years ago and counting Uber, Domino's and among its early customers, PredictHQ identified a major gap in the forecasting and marketing tools available to these international businesses.



27 November 2020