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Juliet Gerrard - What does worldleading environmental innovation look like?

This article was published on 6 December 2019

As the entry deadline approaches, we asked Juliet Gerrard, the PM’s Chief Science Advisor and C-Prize judge, what she hopes to see from challenge entrants.

Professor Juliet Gerrard
Professor Juliet Gerrard

Why is environmental innovation so critical in our current global environment?

Lots of the challenges ahead involve finding ways for us to leave smaller footprints as the population grows and the subsequent environmental challenges mount up around us. We need to focus both on cleaning up the mess we’ve made and finding better ways to ‘do more with less’.

What do you hope to see from the C-Prize teams?

I’m really looking forward to seeing the entries for this year’s C-Prize calling for ‘world-leading innovative solutions to environmental problems’. There are so many ideas coming out of laboratories and leading edge companies world-wide, so I’m hoping to see a strong applicant pool, and real depth of thinking on how to get the ideas to scale. Only when rolled out commercially will these ideas be able to make a genuine difference. Hopefully C-Prize provides an impetus for more science and technology to escape the laboratory and start to make a difference in the environment.


Entries close Sunday 8 December