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Hemp processing and extraction workshops – March 2019

Gain an understanding of current cannabinoid extraction technologies and see the equipment in action during a practical demonstration

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This article was published on 23 January 2019

20-22 March 2019
Callaghan Innovation, 69 Gracefield Rd, Lower Hutt, Wellington

Callaghan Innovation’s Biotechnology Processing Group, in partnership with New Zealand Hemp Industries Association, is hosting two educational workshops, one to discuss hemp processing options and industrial extraction technologies, and the second to give a practical lab demonstration of key processing steps in action.


Aside from informative content and speakers, these workshops will provide a great opportunity to network with other interested parties and receive industry updates.


Extraction Workshop 1, Thursday 21 March, 9.30am – 5.00pm 

Processing Options and Design Considerations 

This workshop aims to provide information about the types of cannabinoid extract products that can be produced, and the processing equipment required to produce them.

The programme will include detailed sessions on key extraction technologies, including mechanical, solvent and supercritical fluid extraction, along with their relative merits and limitations. Pre and post processing methods will also be discussed. The information will be New Zealand-centric, with discussions on scale up, capital and operating costs, as well as New Zealand regulatory considerations.

This workshop is tailored to those businesses or individuals considering investing or operating a hemp CBD or medicinal cannabis extraction business. Those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the processing opportunities available, equipment required, and manufacturing considerations should also attend. 

Key presenters:

Jerry King

We’ll be joined by world-leading cannabis processing consultant from the University of Arkansas, Dr Jerry King. He has over 50 years’ experience in the botanical extraction industry and has applied this knowledge extensively in consultation to the cannabis industry since 2013, working with leading industry and academic groups throughout the USA and Canada. Dr King is a regular invited speaker at major cannabis events including MJBIZ, ACS and AIChE conferences, and Emerald Scientific events. 

Charles Hodgson

Pharmalink Extracts Limited, Chief Operating Officer, Charles Hodgson, will present a commercial perspective on operating a large CO2 extraction plant in the nutraceutical and medicinal products industry.

Other technical session speakers include Callaghan Innovation’s Biotechnology group team members Drs Owen Catchpole, Stephen Tallon, Teresa Moreno, and Andrew Lewis.

Industry updates will be given by Richard Barge, Deputy Chair/Treasurer NZHIA, and Sue Scott, Principal Advisor, Regulatory Practice and Analysis, New Zealand Ministry of Health.

We will also provide an introduction to current Hemp seeds-For-Food product opportunities.

A detailed programme will be provided following your registration, prior to the event.



Extraction Workshop 2, Friday 22 March 9.30am –4.30pm 

Practical Demonstration and Operating Theory

Due to popular demand, we are running another practical demonstration and operating workshop. 

This practical workshop is an opportunity to observe first-hand the operation of equipment used in the key stages of extraction and refining of cannabinoid extracts from hemp.

Hosted at Callaghan Innovation’s natural product pilot processing facility at Gracefield, Lower Hutt you will get to see pilot scale equipment in operation from milling of hemp flowers through to extraction and winterisation. The day also includes a tour of the larger scale processing equipment held by Callaghan Innovation, giving an indication of the scale, floor-space, and auxiliary service requirements for different scales of manufacturing.

Following the practical demonstration, an introduction to basic operating theory will be given including key parameters to optimise and control the operation, a basic understanding of process chemistry and kinetics, and how to read analysis results. You will also be given the opportunity to discuss your own projects with Callaghan Innovation and invited USA cannabis consulting expert Dr Jerry King.

This workshop will be of interest to technical managers, plant operators, or individuals who will be directly involved in sourcing, operating, or maintaining extraction equipment and want to gain familiarity with the equipment and how it operates.

Due to laboratory space restrictions, this workshop is limited to 20 participants.

A detailed programme will be provided following your registration, prior to the event.