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Growth Grants boost R&D investment for 13 companies

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This article was published on 10 November 2015

The latest companies that meet eligibility criteria for research and development (R&D) Growth Grants have been announced by Callaghan Innovation.

Thirteen new companies will be able to increase their investment in R&D through Growth Grants estimated to be worth around $25 million over three years.

The latest companies to qualify are:

  • Private Flight Global Limited
  • HMI Technologies Ltd
  • Smartrak Limited
  • Matakina Technology Limited
  • AFT Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Pertronic Industries Ltd
  • Living Cell Technologies New Zealand Ltd
  • Etec Crop Solutions Limited
  • Mindfull Limited
  • Garmin New Zealand Limited
  • New Zealand Agriseeds Ltd
  • Tru-Test Limited
  • Methven Limited