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Government grants scam resurfaces

This article was published on 8 April 2016

MBIE’s Consumer Protection team warns that an old grants scam has recently resurfaced.

“Scammers claiming to be from a so-called ‘New Zealand Government Grants Board’ are cold calling people to offer them grants of several thousand dollars due to their ‘clean’ record with no criminal convictions or bankruptcies,” says Mark Hollingsworth, Manager of Minstry of Business, Innovation and Employments' (MBIE) Consumer Protection team.

“After confirming their personal details, the scammers ask the recipient to pay a fee up front in order to receive their grant.

“This is a scam and people who receive such a call should hang up immediately,” says Mr Hollingsworth.

A similar scam did the rounds in 2014 and 2015, and Consumer Protection is aware of reports of the scam resurfacing this week.