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This article was published on 12 November 2018

Callaghan Innovation was a proud supporter of this year’s Future of the Future business conference which took place in August.

With a focus on the future of business, this event gathered creative, technical and social visionaries from Uber, Google, Netflix, Airbnb and Facebook who shared their knowledge and insights about what to expect next.

What should New Zealand companies be thinking about to ensure success and relevance in 20, 30 or even 50 years? Check out their wisdom in the following videos.

Event highlights 

Andrew Law 

Embracing Failure 

An interesting fact: more people watch Netflix on their phones or laptops than they do on big screens. Netflix design director Andrew Law shares how one of the largest video streaming companies in the world creates a compelling content-first product, and the tools it uses to achieve this. 

Interview with Andrew

Ethan Eismann

Love and design 

Airbnb’s director of product design says his company has taken a different approach. “In my talk I'll dive into a number of projects where we designed for the ideal versus scale and provide a behind-the-scenes look into the work and the process that have supported a number of Airbnb's most recent products. You will see how we brought both products from concept to reality, how product design and our art/marketing department crafted the message, and how we evolved Airbnb’s brand in the process. We start with a vision for the ideal experience people will love, done in a way that authentically reaffirms our brand. In other words, we design first for love, not for scale."  

Interview with Ethan

Michael Gough 

Connect with people

Uber’s vice president says the core of design is empathy. “That’s the starting point no matter what. That will always be how you address any product challenge. The classic way products were developed was you solved functional needs, and then maybe business needs, and then you lean heavily into human needs over time. This arc, all of the [PR] challenges aside, is a natural arc. The next big step is to become a company that’s really, really good at connecting with people and people’s needs.”

Julia Peter 

Creative artificial intelligence Design

In this talk, Julia discusses the promise of AI as a productivity tool able to augment human ability. Julia specialises in AI design, and her Facebook AI research team has been doing ground-breaking research into art, VR film (create your own story and, as you watch, change it) and fashion. The latter designs won’t be seen on the catwalk, but they have led to insights on technology’s future role in creativity, idea production, and the ways that AI can help designers create new and unique pieces that fit within a specific brand’s aesthetic.