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Future of the Future

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This article was published on 1 August 2018

Meet leading visionaries from the world’s most disruptive companies – Uber, Google, Netflix, Airbnb and Facebook.

9 August 2018
Aotea Centre, Auckland

Callaghan Innovation is a proud supporter of this year’s Future of the Future Business Conference.

With a focus on the future of business, this event features creative, technical and social visionaries from Uber, Google, Netflix, Airbnb and Facebook sharing their knowledge and insight about what to expect next.

What should New Zealand companies be thinking about to ensure success and relevance in 20, 30 or even 50 years? Join the Future of the Future Business Conference 2018, in Auckland and give your team a head-start that will move them forward with confidence into this rapidly changing world.

Speaking at Future of the Future

Future of the Future speakers

Michael Gough, Uber

Michael Gough – Vice President, Uber

Uber’s new VP of Design, Michael Gough is a former architect who wants to make the sometimes maligned company more empathetic. The future of Uber is far from determined, and the decisions and actions of Gough will help define it.

Julia Peter, Facebook

Julia Peter  Artificial Intelligence Design, Facebook

Julia Peter is an award-winning product designer on the Artificial Intelligence Design team at Facebook. At Facebook, Julie works with research scientists and engineers, pushing boundaries and questioning current realities to develop breakthroughs in the field of AI.

Always at the forefront of Julia’s design thinking is a goal to fully understand the power of this new technology, in order to reinforce the moral and social responsibility that comes with it.

Andrew Law, Netflix

Andrew Law  Director of Product Design, Netflix

Leading Netflix’s mobile team, Netflix Design Director Andrew Law crunches big data to drive the innovations and product decisions that affect what, and how, you watch what you do. Andrew will share how one of the largest video streaming companies in the world creates a compelling content-first product, and the tools they use to achieve that success

Sara Ortloff Khoury, Google

Sara Ortloff Khoury – Director, Google Cloud 

At Google, Sara Ortloff Khoury leads R&D teams developing products and services to help people and businesses thrive. It’s a development role that involves building empathy into AI, so that tomorrow’s digital assistants are less HAL and more helpful, empowering and empathetic.

Ethan Eismann, Airbnb

Ethan Eismann - Director of Product Design, Airbnb

Ethan Eismann leads the Airbnb product design team – a 180-strong phalanx of passionate designers, researcher, writers and producers that is working together to develop exceptional products that will improve the way you stay around the world.

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