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Driving Innovation programme delivery partners appointed

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This article was published on 4 August 2017

New providers appointed to help New Zealand businesses accelerate their product development processes.

Callaghan Innovation is pleased to announce the appointment of four new suppliers of its Driving Innovation skills development programme, following an RFP selection process.

The four successful Driving Innovation suppliers are:

The expanded panel of suppliers provide differing modes of delivery enabling Driving Innovation to be delivered to a variety of industry sectors and to businesses at different sizes and stages of development. The larger panel also gives the programme greater capacity and ensures the programme can be offered across New Zealand.

Businesses signing up for the Driving Innovation programme will be able to select the supplier that best suits them.

About Driving Innovation

Driving Innovation is a programme designed to help a business to increase its pace of innovation by changing its product development methods. The programme uses a framework and set of tools and practices that can be customised to a business’s specific product and market so that they learn how to develop a product quickly and efficiently.

The programme helps a business to accelerate its product development processes and to embed the ‘new way’ of doing things, leaving them with a framework that can be applied to different areas of their business. See Driving Innovation for more information.

Businesses interested in Driving Innovation should either contact Callaghan Innovation by email or phone, or talk with the Driving Innovation suppliers directly: IMS Projects, Innoventive, Tech Futures Lab and Assurity Consulting Limited.