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Innovative technologies that deliver colour

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This article was published on 5 June 2015

drikolor® has developed a range of innovative technologies to deliver colour to paint and other materials by adding dry, granulated pigments.

These are ready to use, easy to transport and store, and can be used by anyone.


Success through technology

drikolor® is trialling the technology through a billion dollar New Zealand paint retailer, has an exclusive distribution contact for their TokaTM concrete colorants and is expanding into China and the US.

How Callaghan Innovation and drikolor have worked together

  • Callaghan Innovation’s scientists and engineers helped invent and develop prototype products
  • drikolor® were hosted at our Gracefield Innovation Quarter, allowing them to set up product and manufacture at a market testing scale
  • Business R&D Grants supporting drikolor product development and a student research assistant.
  • Callaghan Innovation’s Global Expert service found a number of experts to oversee the sourcing and installation of the best plant equipment for the company.

We are a great example of what government support can achieve.

Rachel Lacy, CEO, drikolor®