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Callaghan Innovation launches InCite report

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This article was published on 25 July 2017

Callaghan InCite report challenges New Zealand businesses to ride the technology wave

Callaghan Innovation launched its first report on New Zealand business innovation today (25 July).

The report, Callaghan InCite, is intended to accelerate conversation in New Zealand about innovation and investment in R&D.

Like every other country in the world, New Zealand faces a tsunami of technological change. How we successfully ride that wave is up to our business and industry sectors. Callaghan inCite’s unifying theme is ‘working in the niches’ – encouraging New Zealanders to disrupt the status quo by finding innovation opportunities in overlooked or underdeveloped areas of business. Callaghan Innovation’s namesake, the late Sir Paul Callaghan, expressed this well when he said, “Our future lies in the niches of a world economy 500 times bigger than our own.”

Callaghan inCite shows where New Zealand ranks alongside its OECD partners and global competitors - illustrating how we stack up internationally and where we need to move to.

The publication draws on studies of science and innovation, New Zealand and international data, and Callaghan Innovation’s own insights about the impact of business spending on R&D.

Callaghan inCite also features case studies of up-and-coming (and often award-winning) tech businesses to demonstrate what success can look like. These include StretchSense, 8i, Goodnature, Production Machinery Limited and Wakatū Incorporation.

Editorials from Callaghan Innovation Chief Executive Vic Crone, Director of Te Pūnaha Matatini Professor Shaun Hendy and Animation Research Ltd’s Ian Taylor lay down a challenge to New Zealand businesses. Ms Crone says it’s not too late for New Zealand companies to ride the technological wave, provided they act bravely. ‘Let’s be bold, disrupt the disruptors by being future-focused, and embrace the opportunities this new era will bring to our country.’

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