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The big issues for energy

BusinessNZ Energy Council

The 2018 World Energy Council’s Issue Maps show that decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation are now defining trends, with digitalisation one of the biggest movers over the last five years. Change is happening, and fast.

In this context, the BusinessNZ Energy Council hosted a seminar examining the global trend of change and disruption in a New Zealand context. The overarching theme was 'What are the big issues keeping our energy leaders awake at night and busy by day?'

The Business Energy Council’s Energy Issues Monitor (PDF) has identified Internet of Things, Blockchain/Data and Artificial Intelligence as critical uncertainties. In this series of videos, we asked innovation and industry leaders to provide feedback on the technology disruption the energy sector is facing.

We asked them:

  1. How do you think we can address these uncertainties?
  2. What is your advice for digital energy innovators?
  3. What does “Good” look like for energy-related Research & Development?

PDF icon James Muir (Callaghan Innovation): 'The big issues for energy' presentation

Tina Schirr, Energy Policy Advisor, BusinessNZ Energy Council

PDF icon Tina Schirr's 'The big issues for energy' presentation

John Carnegie, Executive Director - Energy & Infrastructure, BusinessNZ Energy Council

Asa Cox - CEO, Intela AI

PDF icon Asa Cox's 'The big issues for energy' presentation

Nicolas Vessiot, Gas Asset Strategy Manager, Powerco

John Hancock, Signature Consulting


Updated: 29 August 2022