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Aotearoa AI Summit 2023

Atamai tuatahi | Intelligence first

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This article was published on 10 August 2023

The Aotearoa AI Summit will bring together AI-interested organisations of all sizes and stages, academia and the public sector, to promote and advance Aotearoa New Zealand's AI ecosystem. 

Callaghan Innovation is proud to once more be a Platinum Sponsor of the summit, reflecting our mission to drive Aotearoa New Zealand forward by supporting and acting as a thought leader for our most innovative industries. The summit will showcase everything from practical AI applications to large language models and generative AI ( a timely topic given the rise of ChatGPT, Bard et al.) and examine growth opportunities for Aotearoa's AI-powered future.

The summit offers an excellent chance to get up to speed with developments in AI and features keynote presentations, panel discussions, roundtables and workshops. This year's AI for the Environment Hackathon Festival is also taking place before the summit, and the winners of the hackathon will be announced.



21 September - AI Forum

11 - 20 August - AI for the Environment Hackathon 2023

Where: The Hilton, Auckland

Websites: Aotearoa AI Summit 2023:

AI for the Environment Hackathon 2023: