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Anticipating and leading market disruption

This article was published on 29 October 2014

Due to market demand, Tony Seba will return to New Zealand with a two day workshop that will focus on creating disruptive businesses.

This workshop will build on the previous Tony Seba “Will you disrupt or will you be disrupted?” workshop and will consist of two days of practical, hands-on and interactive activities.

This time Tony will assist entrepreneurs, innovative companies and business leaders build disruptive business models that give them the tools to not only anticipate market disruption but also be able to lead market disruption.

Tony Seba is an international business disruption thought leader, a lecturer in entrepreneurship, disruption, and clean energy at Stanford University. He has over 20 years of operating and strategy experience in fast-grown high tech and clean technology companies. He is also the author of Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation, Solar Trillions and Winners Take All.

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