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TitleA new reference ionization gauge for vacuum pressure measurement in the range 10-5 to 1 Pa
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1982
AuthorsSutton, C., and Poulter K.
Pagination247 - 251
Date Published1982
ISSN0042207X (ISSN)
AbstractA new type of reference ionization gauge is described. This gauge is similar to the triode type ionization gauge but has a smaller residual current and better high pressure performance. One version of the new gauge has a nitrogen sensitivity of 0.073 Pa-1, which is constant to within 1% at pressures up to 0.3 Pa, and a nitrogen pressure equivalent to its residual current of 10-6 Pa. The long term behaviour of its sensitivity was compared with Bayard-Alpert and triode type ionization gauges over several hundred operating hours. The sensitivity of the new type of gauge changed by less than 0.1% per 100 h while under similar conditions the triodes drifted at rates of up to 0.45% per 100 h and the Bayard-Alpert gauge sensitivities drifted unpredictably, sometimes changing sharply by several percent. A second version of the new gauge showed similar long term behaviour to the triode with a residual current equivalent to a pressure of potentially less than 10-7 Pa. © 1982.

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