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TitleNew polar steroids from the sponges Trachyopsis halichondroides and Cymbastela coralliophila
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsMakarieva, T.N., Stonik V.A., Dmitrenok A.S., Krasokhin V.B., Svetashev V.I., and Vysotskii M.V.
Pagination316 - 320
Date Published1995
ISSN0039128X (ISSN)
Keywords23,24 dinor 5alpha cholane 2beta,3alpha,6alpha triol, 24 isopropyl 5alpha cholestane 2beta,3alpha,6alpha triol, 5alpha cholest 22 ene 2beta,3alpha,6alpha triol, 5alpha pregnane 2beta,3alpha,6alpha triol, Acetates, acetylation, Animals, article, biosynthesis, column chromatography, Coralliophila, Cymbastela coralliophila, gas liquid chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, Hydrolysis, hydroxysteroid, Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, nonhuman, nuclear magnetic resonance, Porifera, sponge (porifera), steroid, Steroids, sulfate, Sulfates, thin layer chromatography, unclassified drug
AbstractFractions of trisulfated trihydroxysteroids from the sponges Trachyopsis halichondroides (two different collections) and Cymbastela coralliophila have been isolated and investigated. Ten triacetates were obtained from these fractions by desulfatation/acetylation followed by chromatographic separation, and their structures have been established. Four of these derivatives-namely, triacetates of 5α-pregnance-2β,3α,6α-triol (3c), 23,24-dinor-5α-cholane-2β,3α,6α-triol (4c), 5α-cholest-22-ene-2β,3α,6α-triol (7c), and 24-isopropyl-5α-cholestane-2β,3α,6α-triol (11c)-are described as new derivatives of natural steroids. © 1995.

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