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TitleNew MSL twin pressure balance facility
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsFitzgerald, M., Sutton C., and Jack D.
JournalPTB - Mitteilungen Forschen und Prufen
Pagination263 - 265
Date Published2011
ISSN0030834X (ISSN)
AbstractThis paper describes the design and performance of the new MSL twin gas pressure balance facility which will be used for gauge, absolute and differential gas pressure standards from 1 Pa up to 11 MPa. This new instrument uses large-area piston-cylinder units and replaces the first MSL facility that was developed in the 1980's to generate small differential pressures. Two key features of the new design are the high thermal conductivity base to minimise temperature differences between the two piston-cylinder units and increased pumping speed and flow conductance to evacuate the region above each piston-cylinder. The new twin pressure balance facility is currently being commissioned and initial results obtained from the instrument are presented including the temperature stability, base vacuum and the performance achieved when generating low differential pressures.

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