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TitleNanostructured amorphous group III nitrides: Potential for refractive index engineering
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsTrodahl, H.J., Ruck B.J., Budde F., Koo A., Granville S., Bittar A., Williams G.V.M., Grigorescu C.E.A., Notonier R., and Tonetto A.
Conference NameProceedings of 2004 6th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks
Date Published2004
KeywordsAmorphous, Amorphous materials, Chemical bonds, Crystalline materials, Energy dispersive spectroscopy, Gallium nitride, GaN, Nanocrystalline, Nanostructured materials, Optical response engineering, Plastic films, Polyethylenes, Scanning electron microscopy, Self assembly
AbstractAmorphous and nanocrystalline group III nitrides can be formed with relative ease in comparison with fully single crystalline material, and they show at least some properties in common with the crystalline form. Here we report experiments with the preparation of these materials, focussing especially on the potential to form patterned films with structures whose dimensions are comparable to visible wavelengths, There are clear opportunities to form both self-assembled and controlled patterns.

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